about us


welcome to sox and me, a small family run online candle business based in Willoughby, AUSTRALIA with an emphasis on the spiritual and healing properties of candles


the ancient egytpians were known for their intricate and elaborate religious practices and one element was in their use of rushlights (a type of candle), which was believed to play a significant role in connecting the physical and spiritual worlds

in medicinal practises. the warm glow of the candle light was believed to have healing properties

for those of us who embrace our spiritualism, it’s in the simplicity of a flame and the connection we feel

in our candle making process, we have chosen fragrances that represent (and have a history of) a spiritual connection, including: healing, calming, meditative, reflection, memories, grounding, dreaming, or connecting to a loved one

for us, candle making is the understanding of their history, an appreciation of their importance and a passion for each candle to represent something special to the individual

candles truly are the beautiful centrepieces that brings the magic to life

to all our wonderful customers - thank you for believing in us and what we do, because without you, there would be no us


“I could be a million miles away, and you were always a million miles with me” 


2012 - 2021